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NEW YORK, USA, October 26, 2022 / — SmokingMegaBytes is a global web hosting provider that caters to both new website owners and mid-sized online businesses. Based in the United States, the company has always strived to provide quality services to its customers and to offer a range of affordable services for those who wish to establish an online presence.

Technology has evolved and no one can achieve their financial goals without having a good website. This means a high level of performance, as well as strong security against potential breaches. It’s important to get both benefits at an affordable price, so budget isn’t an issue. Featured services can cover blogs, small showcase pages, portfolios, and even small shops. The data center will be closer to the customers and they will enjoy fast loading speed, which will keep them active longer.

Fixed disk space for all requirements
Disk space represents the amount of free memory that can be used to store content. Whether someone plans to cater to local customers or expand globally, there is a level for every process. A small business might have 15,000MB of disk space to ensure there are no gaps for future content. On the other hand, companies may need up to 40,000 MB for the same purpose. The level of traffic will also be affected by the same decision. This is why it is essential for any brand to choose a hosting plan that has fixed limits so that you do not encounter any problems later.

Domain and subdomains
A domain represents the address of any online business and should have an industry-related name. Using a .com alternative ensures that someone is targeting a global audience and it will be simple to make changes later. This does not mean, however, that a person is required to have a single domain for the brand. Instead, there could be additional purchases of the same service. Businesses will be able to convey more value to potential customers using the same strategy. From a marketing perspective, subdomains are also important. They could represent a news section or pages for people’s accounts. Professional hosting services allow businesses to manage multiple domains in one place and give them the flexibility to purchase new ones when needed.

Virtualization-based VPS servers
Unlike shared hosting, a VPS server is built as an isolated computer. This means that the owner has access to all resources and more protection, since there are no neighbors. According to statistics, currently there are about 1.14 billion websites in the world. Even though most of them are not active, new businesses must have a reliable hosting provider like to face the competition. Technical support along with other features will ensure an affordable solution for the future.

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