The 6 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services of 2022


Is the price correct?

All of the web hosting providers above are well-established companies and, at a glance, they all have pretty much the same entry-level offerings. The cheapest plans offer shared hosting for an introductory price of a few dollars per month. So what’s the problem ?

For starters, these plans offer storage space and bandwidth on shared servers with other customers. The more sites that share the same server, the more likely your visitors are to experience slow performance; shared servers also present a greater risk of security breaches.

Some of the very low prices you see on the landing page of these web hosting services are introductory offers. At the end of the promotional period, regular prices may be significantly higher.

Likewise, the low advertised price may require a long-term commitment. At HostGator, for example, advertised starting prices range from $2.75 to $5.95 per month, but when you click the buy button, you’ll see that those prices are for a three-year contract. If you prefer to opt for a monthly offer, the price ranges increase considerably, from $10.95 to $16.95, which is also the price you agree to pay at the end of the promotional period.

Another common gimmick is the “limited time” offer: buy now before the price goes up! Some of the hosts we looked at included a countdown timer on the homepage. When we returned a few days later for a second fact check, the countdown had magically reset.

These prices can still be a good value, but you’ll have to do a little digging to make accurate long-term comparisons.

Upsells and Options

These super-cheap rates are designed to lure you in, and some web hosting providers are quick to make up the difference by charging extra for features like site backup and migration; here too, you will need to consider these costs before you can make an informed choice.

A low-cost shared hosting plan is probably sufficient for a personal website. It is also suitable for a basic business site whose main purpose is to serve as an online calling card and landing page for visitors to learn more about your organization. This is not a good choice for a site that sometimes has to deal with large traffic or e-commerce spikes.

If you choose a cheap plan, expect regular upsell offers for more comprehensive (and significantly more expensive) plans. These upsells come in a wide range of plans. Some of the most popular include these:

Website building tools Typically, you don’t get much hands-on with these services, as you might with out-of-the-box solutions like Wix, square spaceWhere Some hosts offer wizard-driven tools that allow less technically sophisticated customers to create a site by pointing and clicking. DreamHost, for example, offers its theme-based Remixer tool as part of a shared hosting plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting Most of the companies listed here offer a managed WordPress plan that isolates customers from the drudgery of managing the underlying web server or installing and maintaining their own WordPress instance. Most of these offerings include a selection of ready-to-use themes; others include WordPress oriented website builders.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) In basic shared hosting environments, multiple tenants share the hardware and software resources of a single server. In a VPS, multiple tenants share physical server hardware, but each server instance is isolated from the others using virtualization software, with resources (memory and storage, for example) assigned directly to the VPS. This configuration ensures that performance remains consistent, regardless of what happens with other sites that share physical server hardware. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of security issues that can affect accounts in a shared hosting environment. This type of solution can be managed or unmanaged and costs much more than a shared hosting plan.

Dedicated servers This is the most expensive option of all, with physical hardware dedicated to a specific client and not shared with other accounts. This option is most suitable for high traffic websites that cannot afford any downtime, but the price is far from cheap. At A2 Hosting, for example, non-promotional pricing for a managed dedicated server starts at $200 per month, compared to $70 for a managed VPS and $11 for a basic shared hosting plan.

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