QuickBooks Hosting – What Makes the Best Hosting Solutions Stand Out?


cloud-hosted QuickBooks

Gone are the days when companies needed hardware for their applications and data storage. Today, most applications and data reside in the cloud, not on a local computer. Among other benefits, when your application is in the cloud, it is more accessible and more secure. However, for some finance and accounting teams, QuickBooks still operates locally, depriving them of these important benefits.

You’re probably wondering why the web version of QuickBooks isn’t the goto option for those who want cloud functionality. Well, to be frank, many companies have optimized their financial management by using QuickBooks Desktop (Premier, Enterprise, etc.). Switching to QuickBooks Online is not something they are interested in.

What is QuickBooks Hosting?

Simply put, QuickBooks hosting refers to installing the desktop version of QuickBooks (QuickBooks Desktop) on a secure cloud server that can be accessed remotely anywhere, anytime, without installing the software on any computer. any device. QuickBooks hosting offers users the best of both worlds, i.e. the robustness of the QuickBooks Desktop version with the accessibility and security of the online version. QuickBooks Online, on the other hand, is a SaaS application, and it’s very different from QuickBooks Desktop in terms of features, user interface, and other features that many finance teams are used to.

Is QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Easy?

Many cloud service providers claim to provide QuickBooks Desktop hosting. It is therefore difficult for organizations to choose which supplier to rely on. And the common notion is that all QuickBooks hostings are similar. However, when it comes to providing a reliable user experience and maintaining QuickBooks Desktop security and backups, it’s best to choose a provider that specializes in Quickbooks hosting, like us. Learn more about TruWorkspace™ QuickBooks Edition here: https://trupoint.com/services/cloud-hosted-quickbooks/

Not all QuickBooks Desktop hosting solutions are created equal, some are simply better than others. Therefore, organizations should choose a solution that can support their business needs. But what makes some providers better?

– Guaranteed availability
– Better user experience
– Expert technical support
– Enterprise-grade security
– More flexibility
– Data backup and recovery


Migrating your QuickBooks desktop to the cloud offers many benefits to your business. Easily sharing application access while providing better security and disaster recovery for your financial system are just a few of our customers’ expectations. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that not all QuickBooks Desktop hosting solutions are created equal. TruWorkspace™ Cloud, QuickBooks Edition provides your business with the latest virtual desktop technology (powered by Citrix®) to securely host your QuickBooks database. Thinking of hosting your QuickBooks desktop app on the cloud? Contact us today and let’s make your experience worth your time and money.

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