New Quantum WordPress Web Hosting Offers Resellers a Shared Hosting Alternative


New developments in web hosting technology now allow businesses to host their websites in a more secure and dedicated environment than shared hosting. A recently launched product called “Quantum” helps web developers take advantage of this new technology.

On October 20, 2022, WPMU DEV, a WordPress services company, launched a brand new commercial product called “Quantum” to help its resellers take advantage of a new type of web hosting technology.

For many businesses with small or limited IT budgets, shared hosting has been the only viable option to host their websites.

According to James Farmer, CEO of WPMU DEV, however, the problem with shared hosting is that “each site shares the same IP address, each site is vulnerable to one of the other sites hogging all the resources, each site can be damaged by a hack, every site is in the same place. We know this because we’ve surveyed our members extensively and – even if no one likes it – it’s hard to argue with that cost per site, especially when compared to the costs of standard managed WordPress hosting.

As a managed WordPress hosting provider with a membership base of over 50,000 active web developers managing tens of thousands of enterprise websites for their clients, WPMU DEV is largely user-focused and develops solutions to help its members run more efficient businesses and overcome their challenges. .

One of these challenges has been to offer their members, many of whom are resellers of WPMU DEV products and services, a hosting product that is more secure and as affordable as shared hosting. The reason for this is that many WPMU DEV members serve customers with basic website needs or operate in countries with struggling economies, which makes it difficult to compete with the price of shared hosting plans.

So far, that is. With Quantum Hosting, WPMU DEV is able to introduce businesses using WordPress powered websites to dedicated, fast and managed WordPress hosting where each website lives in its own fully secure, compartmentalized and optimized virtual server, and receives its own dedicated IP address, plus access to many of WPMU DEV’s advanced hosting features, including domain email, SSL certificate, a suite of premium plugins, and access to their award-winning support team 24/7, all for a flat fee of $4 per month, or $3.60 per month if members prepay.

In order to provide a higher quality hosting product at such a low price, WPMU DEV was willing to waive any markup on the Quantum plan and offer this option to members at cost, provided they were on the WPMU DEV’s agency membership plan ($82.50 per month).

Responding to questions on the member forum about Quantum, Savo Vujovic, Business Development Manager at WPMU DEV, replied that “one of the main objectives of this plan is to complete our next reseller project. This will allow members to create another level of hosting for their reseller package to compete with shared hosting pricing.We sell this droplet at cost, with no payoff, so reseller packages are as competitive as possible.

CEO James Farmer adds to the above that “the real benefit and value for agencies running multiple client websites can be seen when you compare the price of hosting, say, 20 sites on Quantum vs Shared Hosting. Agencies plan to spend $100-$400/month on shared, insecure, slow, single-address, single-location 2002 hosting technology, versus $80/month to put their customers on individual, dedicated, secure, IP addresses fast, multi-location, 2022 hosting technology. Quantum is clearly a win-win solution for agencies and their clients.”

Although Quantum is only available to agency-level members, their agency plan includes $12 per month in hosting credits, so members can effectively host three websites on the Quantum plan each month at no additional cost. .

Considering the complex requirements of a dedicated hosting environment, WPMU DEV has specified some constraints to its Quantum plan in order to provide sites with enough space and resources.

According to the hosting engineers at WPMU DEV, “Quantum is designed to be lightweight, fast, and work with any WordPress theme and theme builder. It’s great for simple sites that don’t require complex staging environments, don’t need to run WooCommerce, and shouldn’t need dozens of plugins.

For more information on WPMU DEV’s Quantum Hosting, visit: or contact the company using the details below.

Contact information:
Name: Savo Vujovic
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: WPMU DEV
Address: PO Box 548 #88100, Birmingham, AL 35201, USA
Phone: +1-888-963-9528

Build ID: 89084631

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