New domain registration startup, GetDomains, targets the market



Recently, we talked about how ZISPA, the association that has been heavily involved in domain registration and management of the domain, plans to improve its service delivery.

However, the domain registration market is growing and ZISPA is not the only player in this area. In fact, some of its shortcomings have actually inspired new entrants in recent years. Providers like and have joined in, providing assistance to those frustrated by delays in checking domain availability and multiple registrations.

Now another startup, GetDomains has entered the same line of business. It was recently started by Kudzai Tuso, a Zimbabwean technician who wants to help troubleshoot issues with registering domains.

Anyone who wants to acquire a domain or check its availability just needs to go to The platform has a streamlined interface and to buy a domain you need to go through an account registration process, something similar to what also uses. So far, payment options include PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard, although the mobile money option is expected to be activated shortly.

Tuso says he has observed how difficult the domain registration process has always been due to its manual nature, especially at the steps that include filling out the txt file required by ZISPA for each domain that is supposed to be registered. This is even more difficult for customers who want to register multiple domains.

GetDomains has adopted the same business model used by its competitors, generating revenue through web hosting and using the domain registration service with its token fee of $ 2 as a means of securing customers. However, web hosting is not mandatory and there is an option on the GetDomains website to select services with or without the hosting add-on.

After launching in the latter part of 2015, GetDomains failed to capture a significant market share of existing independent domain registration and web hosting issues, although Tuso says the response has been positive until here. For now, the team is trying to get as many feedback as possible from users, while also building up a number of customers to make sure their startup can get off the ground.

The market seems to be crowded in terms of startups offering this service, but according to testimonials from guys like Tuso and its competitors, there is a growing demand for domains and hosting which has been driven by Zimbabwean entities appreciating the value of a web presence. .

So, will GetDomains be ready to take on the competition and make a mark in this field? Tuso strongly believes in this, citing the months of work spent on GetDomains and some challenges that have been encountered and overcome just to get them to take off.

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