Ghost Of Tsushima Ikishima Expansion Rumors Rise After Web Domain Registration

It has now been almost a year since Sucker Punch Productions unleashed the awesome Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 4. The adventures of Jin Sakai and his battle against the Mongol hordes was a magnificent and excellently designed experience, and free multiplayer co-op Captions the update only served to make a wonderful game even better. Fans now apparently have more to look forward to with the rumor Ghost of Ikishima expansion.

We already know about the film adaptation in the works, but rumors of a possible expansion had started swirling over the past week. Industry insider Shpeshal_Nick stoked the fires on Twitter to kick things off. Now a domain for Ghost of Ikishima was registered to further consolidate the claims.


Ghost of Ikishima could happen next.

Perhaps more importantly, the domain redirects users to the official portal for PlayStation 4 games. This could be further proof of the Ghost of Ikishima expansion, or an elaborate farce.

An expansion for the breakout hit isn’t too far off to the imagination. Sucker Punch Productions has produced high quality expansions for their previous games after all. Both Infamous: Blood Festival and Infamous: First Light were substantial DLC. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Ghost of Ikishima come to life either.

In the historical context, Ikishima Island, or Iki Island, is located between South Korea and Fukuoka Prefecture. Part of the Tsushima Strait, Ikishima was also the target of the Mongol invasion in 1274.

Rumors of a Sony event in July could come to light sooner rather than later. Fans also expect to see more of the next one God of the war, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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