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Among the best web hosting services and offering some of the best unlimited web hosting available, Namecheap lives up to its name with extremely competitive low prices on web hosting. In our Namecheap review, we noted that the plans come with a website builder, Softaculous’s one-click installer, built-in CDN, and automatic backups, and that it is a host solid that offers 100% uptime, 24/7 live chat. and online ticketing support, and easy site creation for rock bottom prices.

For Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Namecheap offers up to 97% disabled a range of its digital products, from domains to shared hosting plans and WordPress. This includes 97% reduction domain registrations; 43% reduction domain transfers; 73% reduction shared hosting and WordPress; and 43% reduction SSL certificates. Read on to find out more about these limited time offers!

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Take a look at these Namecheap Black Friday deals:

Namecheap’s three shared hosting plans – Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business – are available in US and EU versions, with Stellar spanning three websites, offering 50 SSL and CDN, as well as 20GB SSD storage. Plus and Business on the other hand offer the same level of SSL and CDN, but also include unlimited websites, Plus offering unlimited SSD storage and 50GB Business cloud storage.

In the United States, Stellar costs $ 42.88 per year (reduced from 72% to $ 11.88 in promotion), while in Europe it is $ 54.88 one year (reduced to $ 23.88, a saving of 56%). More is $ 68.88 per year in the United States (reduced from 71% to $ 19.88), and $ 80.88 per year in Europe (reduced from 61% to $ 31.88). Finally, business costs $ 118.88 per year in the United States (reduced from 71% to $ 34.88 for Black Friday), and $ 130.88 per year in Europe (reduced from 64% to $ 46.88).

Its managed WordPress plans include Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic, all of which are part of Namecheap’s EasyWP hosting aimed at building your first website, growing your website, and growing your website respectively. All three are also available for free during the first month, with site management possible from a single dashboard where domain names can be changed, backups created, and files accessible.

The starter is available at 66% off $ 11.88 per year, reduced by $ 34.88; Turbo for 72% off $ 21.88 one year; and Supersonic for 73% off at $ 28.88 per year. Plans are evolving in terms of SSD storage from 10 GB to 50 GB and 100 GB, as well as in terms of visitors per month (from 50,000 to 200,000 and to 500,000).

Namecheap’s SSL certificate plans include PositiveSSL, PositiveSSL Multi-domain, Positive SSL Wildcard, InstantSSL, and EV SSL: the annual price is for signup for terms of one to five years, with the offer discount increasing to as the plan lasts longer. For five-year terms, positive SSL is $ 3.66 per year and covers one site, with 39% off; and the multi-domain plan is $ 15.88 per year, up to 100 websites, with 12% off.

The wildcard is $ 29.39 per year, for a site and subdomains, with 30% reduction; InstantSSL is $ 12.32 per year with a 27% discount, covering a business website; and EV SSL, intended for e-commerce sites, covers a site for $ 22.88 per year after a 41% discount.

Finally, Namecheap domains offer a wide range of discounts, including:

  • 37% reduction .com (was $ 9.48 per year, now $ 5.98)
  • 50% reduction .org (was $ 12.98 per year, now $ 6.48)
  • 88% reduction .biz (was $ 15.98 per year, now $ 1.98)
  • 97% reduction .online (was $ 32.98 per year, now $ 0.98)
  • 96% reduction .site (was $ 25.98 per year, now $ 0.98)
  • 92% reduction .design (was $ 42.98 per year, now $ 3.48)
  • 90% reduction .me (was $ 18.98 per year, now $ 1.98)

First and foremost, make sure you avoid common hosting mistakes, and be sure to educate yourself about hosting security before choosing a service. If you need to build a site, find a top website builder, then think about how to choose a domain name; you should also register your domain and review domain privacy protection.

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