Web Site Builder Screen ShotTo create a professional-looking web site using Site Studio, you do not need any special knowledge or experience. The wizard-like program structure will guide you through the whole site-construction process step by step. Now you can become a web designer, a creator, an artist! You can juggle around with page layouts, colors, and themes; add various effects and much, much more, everything with a single mouse click. Within a half hour, you can have your site created and published on the Internet.

SiteStudio guides you step-by-step, providing simple choices regarding color, style and images. There is no software to buy, and no code to learn. In addition, there is no need to mess around with programs such as FTP or Telnet.

Complete control over the website: With the use of Site Studio’s provided settings, you can make unique and attractive web sites. However for the advanced customer, SiteStudio provides a way to change just about every color, every font, every button caption on the site.

Web Hosting Control Panel and Fast  Support
Web Hosting Control PanelOn  we announced the new business web hosting Control Panel. It is based on the requirements and recommendations of our customers. Many new features are added and contacting the support is extremely easy. Some of the new features include: ability to run Crontab processes, multi-FTP accounts, SiteStudio and FrontPage extensions tutorials, over  Perl modules, Access and error logs, Custom MX and A records, SSL certificate generation, Anti-Virus protection.

Web Hosting Demo

This is for demonstration purposes only. Some areas of the demo have been restricted for security purposes.

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